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- Stainless Steel Grating & Channel -

North America

Innovation Design


Stainless Steel Anti-Slip
Swimming Pool Channels

Innovation Design Award, Found Only At PREMIUM


Dimple Design

American Standard Product

Anti-Slip & Heelsafe

Our Best Seller

Dimple Channel Grate 40"

Dimple Channel Grate 4"

Dimple Channel Grate 20"

Dimple Channel Grate Right Angle

Dimple Channel Grate 8"

Channel End Cover Outlet

Wedge Wire Grates

Stainless Steel Marine Grade

Can't Find Your Size?

Call or Email Us, We Custom Fabricate For You.

+1 888 217 5799

Linear Floor Drains

Stainless Steel Modern Design

PREMIUM    modern designed stainless steel Linear Floor 

Drains gives you a perfect fit for your bathroom, high flow drainage solution, and offers safety for children and the elderly. 

Eco friendly from material to finish, PREMIUM    addresses every detail, to insure maximum customer satisfaction.



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